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Welcome to SAIL Academy

SAIL stands for Student Apprenticeships and Individualized Learning. We strive to help students find their place within our community and their future, while putting the focus on them and their individual needs.  We see the need for skilled tradespeople, and work to connect our students to their preferred field of interest - gaining real life experience and future employment.​ SAIL provides a unique opportunity to receive a fully accredited diploma through Laker School District while focusing on work readiness, life skills, and social emotional growth.

What Sets SAIL Apart

What SAIL offers is flexibility.  Flexibility to build an education based on a student's future plans, strengths, and interests.

Online Tutorial

SAIL Academy is a progressive look at the high school experience. Using an online school platform allows for flexibility and time to participate in a variety of programs from work placements to career exploration. SAIL puts the students in control of their education and life beyond the classroom.

Online Learning

Teen study group

In-Person Learning

Students at SAIL are encouraged to work in-person in a variety of ways.  Not only do they have access to our SAIL building every single day for staff support and peer interaction, but they have the option to attend traditional high school for a variety of elective classes such as mechatronics, band or art - among others.  The Huron Tech Center is just a town away and offers a variety of classes to prepare students for their future in the workforce.  This is also an option for SAIL students to attend!



SAIL Academy is only official program in the state that offers registered youth apprenticeships through the US Department of Labor. Our students 16 and up are able to earn industry credit and competitive wages while working towards their diploma. An apprenticeship is industry training direct from the master and mentors in the trade. The goal, or promise, of each apprenticeship placement is a full-time job offer from the placement company upon completion of the program.  We have partnered with companies to provide opportunities in the health, tech, and manufacturing fields among others.

Small Plant

Village Schoolhouse is a new collaboration with community members.  This opportunity takes our students away from their computers, and into a business for 5 hours per week.  During this time, they are learning the ins and outs of a business from a mentor in the field.  This hands on, real world experience gives students the chance to dip their toes into the working world and truly see what it means to be part of our community.  Village Schoolhouse moves the learning from a computer to within the individual learner and the community they live in.

Village Schoolhouse

Laker SAIL Academy

75 South Main Street


Interested in enrolling your student or becoming a SAIL business partner? 

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