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About Us

SAIL is located in downtown Pigeon, sharing a building with Emma's Coffee House.  Our building serves as an optional landing space for our students with access to WIFI, staff support, friends, and of course, great coffee!

Our graduation requirement of 24 credits allows for students in need of credit recovery as well as those looking for a lighter load within their schedule for work placements.

Every application at SAIL begins a conversation about life skills, goals, and our students' strengths.  At our initial intake interview, we will create an educational roadmap to fit each students' goal and abilities.  This could include any of the following: 

  • Non-CTE Work-Based Learning

  • In-Person electives at Lakers High School

  • In-person classes at our local Tech Center

  • Emotional & Mental Wellness

  • Community Partnerships

SAIL Academy Mission

Creating the Future

At SAIL Academy, we are committed to allowing our students the flexibility and support to build their educational roadmap. Our program welcomes students of all learning abilities, and encourages each to meet their full potential.  We are willing to work outside the box and to get creative to see these students succeed. Keep exploring our site to learn more our academics, staff and more.


Our Students Come First

Our philosophy at SAIL is simple - students come first.  We believe each and every student has the power and strength within themselves to be successful, no matter their barriers.  We work with our students, giving them a voice and a say in their education. 

We encourage creativity and second chances.  We allow for set-backs and mistakes.  We advocate for our students and their best chance for success.

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